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Senior Development 

For Ages 15 Years and older on or before 31st August

This Squad is for those swimmers who are wanting to compete but can not commit to attend a minimum number of training sessions each week. The squad will have access to 3 swim sessions and 1 land training session.

For swimmers new to the club we will arrange a trial for the swimmer based on their previous swimming background.

The squad will work on developing and fine tuning key skills for competitive swimming which include:

  • Underwater Fish Kick

  • Hand entry position

  • Elbow high catch position

  • Arm and hand recovery

  • Efficient effective kick

  • Competitive starts and turn

Work will also be done to increase their fitness levels in the pool and land work will be required to help with flexibility, core body and shoulder strength which is designed to protect them from injury and help develop power.

Swimmers in the squad are expected to compete at Club and Open swim meets. They will also need to be willing to be part of a team if selected, which will take part in events such as the Lincs and Areana League. 

All swimmers will be working toward achieving County, Regional and National Qualifying times for their age group.

Once the reach the age of 18 then they will then move into Masters.


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