We believe in the principal that every child should have the same opportunity to learn to swim and we work hard to be as inclusive and flexible as possible to accommodate every child's needs.

In our Improver groups we encourage all our children to feel confident, safe, secure and to swim to a high standard.

Lessons start with basic water confidence; then progress onto introducing the 4 different swimming strokes at appropriate stages depending on the starting ability.

To move up through the Improver squads children will be assessed against progression criteria. At the lower levels, lessons will be once a week but as a child progresses through the squads they will be invited to swim more often.

Lessons for Improver Squads 4 & 5 are heald at Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School  with more junior squads being taught at Pentaqua Swim Academy based at The Priory Witham Academy.

Improvers' session times are:

  • Improvers 4: Monday   17:15-18:15, Thursday 17:45-18:45
  • 5ives: Monday   17:15-18:15, Thursday 18:45-19:45, Saturday 08:00-09:30

Depending on age and ability, children will also be introduced to competitive swimming through the club’s own ‘Club Championships’, through competing in the Junior League as part of a team or through Open Meets where they can compete individually. The teachers will advise what events and distances each child should do.