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At City of Lincoln Pentaqua, we’re all about working hard whilst having fun.


Our Head Coach together with a large team of experienced coaches, use the latest scientific research to deliver a training plan which is adaptable for inidvidual needs.


Training combines quality water work with a world class strength training programme, yoga/flexibility and pre and post swim exercises.


We are very conscious about ensuring that swimmers train hard but dont over train. The land work is used to stabilise shoulders, improve flexibilty, build core and increase power.


The Club was formed in 1972 and has produced County, Regional, National Champions and Olympic medalists.


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City of Lincoln Pentaqua Swimming Club is supported by
Burton Hathow Preparatory School

Onyx Trophies
Specsavers Lincoln
Sports and Leisure Brands Ltd

Affiliated to Swim England, Lincolnshire ASA, Swim England East Midlands and a SwimMark accredited club.