As a competitive swimming club, Pentaqua encourages all to enter swimming competitions. The club targets meets by squad, as some meets require swimmers to have achieved faster times in competitions, whereas others allow swimmers who have yet to achieve qualifying times to enter.

Who can enter?

You will be invited to enter a meet depending on the squad in which you are swimming. Where the meet is a targeted meet, there is an expectation that your swimmer will make every effort to enter the meet, as these have been identified due to their timing within the annual training plan, and suitability for the swimmers.

All meets the club is targeting will be on the club’s calendar, and you will receive an email inviting you to enter. You should always make sure that you have subscribed to the relevant groups on the club's mailing system. (You can check or update them by going to your invoice account page and selecting  'Subscribe to Mail' from the drop down menu.) There will be information on the meet, as well as the club’s meet entry form included. It is important that you read all the information provided, as there may be qualifying times included in the entry pack.

Please note that some meets (Masters, Regionals, Open Water, Nationals) will require you to enter as an individual as opposed to through the club.

What times can I use?

The organising club will be using an electronic entry system, and this will usually take check the entry time you have included on the form against your swimmer’s registered times on Swim England Individual Best Times. These are times that your swimmer has achieved at licensed meets. More information on licensed meets is available from here.

If your swimmer has yet to achieve a time in an event at a licensed meet, some, (usually Level 3 meets) may let a swimmer enter. If this is the case, please take advice from the Open Meets Secretary ( as to how to enter, and please ask your swimmer’s coach as to which events should be targeted.

Masters meet entries can be different as many Masters meets are not licensed. It is important to note this if you wish to use any times achieved at these meets in a competition which requires times to have been achieved at licensed meets (e.g. County Championships).

If your swimmer has a long course and not short course time (or vice versa), please use the time converter available from here to ensure an accurate time is included on the entry form.

Whilst the organising club’s deadline may be later than ours, we apply an earlier deadline to try to ensure (especially in first come, first served meets), that our swimmers have the best chance of their swims being accepted, so it’s really important to respond prior to our deadline.

If you do have any questions about entering swim meets, please ask your swimmer’s coach, or alternatively email: and a response will be sought from the team.

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