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Club Kit

The Club has a range of Pentaqua branded items, these are available to order through our online shop provided by Sports and Leisure Brands.

To access the shop, please contact: to receive the link.

Kit Bag

 Please find a list of equipment which could benefit swimmers if they have it in their kit bags.  We have provided recommendations for the different types of equipment based on experience. Swimmers will be using this kit at regular intervals during the season.


Discount Available

We are pleased to let  you know that Sporty Swim, a Nottingham based swimwear supplier has agreed to offer Pentaqua members 10% off all orders. Their website is: and all you have to do to get your discount is put a code in the discount code box at checkout. The current code to use is: PENTAQUA

Finis positive drive fins (approx. £28)


These fins are different as they can also be used for breaststroke as they have a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate the correct propulsion in all swim strokes, unfortunatly not currently available at Sporty Swim so see link.







Finis ankle strap (approx. £6)


I have recommended the Finis strap, but any similar strap is fine, not currently available at Sporty Swim.


Kick board Finis Alignment (approx. £16.50)


I like this kickboard as provides various options for drills.






Snorkel (Approx. £18)


I have shown a Finis snorkel however any central snorkel will be fine.




Pull buoy – Finis Axis Buoy (approx. £18)


I have recommended this pull buoy as it provide more versatility for different drills








Paddles Finis agility (approx. £18:50)


The Finis paddles are much easier to put on and take off plus the swimmers technique needs to be correct otherwise they fall off.


Toe separators (Approx. £6)


Whilst this may seem a strange swim aid they are excellent when used on fingers to create a 10 degree gap and great hand catch position when swimming.




Finis Tempo Trainer (approx. £50)


This is not essential but for the older swimmers this could prove useful in setting the correct stroke rate for individual events.



Exercise Bands


These will be used on the dryland training session, there are many similar bands available







Other Equipment


·       Exercise Mat - Due to COVID restrictions it is better if all swimmers have their own mats

·       Skipping rope

·       Large Drinks Bottle

·       Roller

·       Drag shorts

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