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Pentaqua Disability Swimming 

Learn To Swim


Pentaqua offers a Swim Academy designed to provide a solid foundation in swimming skills for  swimmers of all abilities from the age of 4 to 14. To find out more about the Academy click here:

Pentaqua Para-Swimming 


Pentaqua will always look to welcome swimmers who have a disbility and want to train and compete in para-swimming competitions. From school-based competitions right up to the Paralympic Games, there is a wide range of para-swimming competitions available for swimmers with disabilities.

Pentaqua has however struggled to get additional Pool time within Lincoln so can not always accomodate individual needs, it is for this reason we also recomend other clubs who may be better equipped to provide a competition pathway for swimmers with a disabilty.  


Deepings Swimming Club is the Disability Hub Club for the south of the county and Louth covers the Eastern area.  The aim of a Disability Hub Club is to welcome disabled swimmers to the world of swimming, assess skills/potential and provide information for clubs and swim schools to enable swimmers to develop further.

Should you or someone you know have a disibility and are interested in training to compete; then please contact us and we can discuss the various options. Whilst we will do everything possible to cater for individual needs we understand that we will not have everything in place to meet everyones needs, so we promise that will work with you to try to learn and overcome any issues identified where possible.





The first step for many swimmers is to compete in impairment-specific swimming championships, run by National Disability Sport Organisations such as British Blind SportCerebral Palsy SportDwarf Sports AssociationWheelpower and LimbPower.

These are the perfect place for newcomers to get a taste of competition, swimming alongside athletes with similar impairments.

If you join Pentaqua then you will also be a member of Swim England through the club, swimmers with disabilities are then encouraged to compete alongside non-disabled swimmers in open meets from the Swim England Licensed Meets calendar.

Multi-Classification Races


It is a requirement of county, regional and national meets in the Swim England calendar to include multi-classification para-swimming competitions for classes S1 – S14.

Multi-classification races, known as MC races, are where para-swimmers compete against rivals from different classifications and receive a points scored based on how close they are to the existing British record.

Positions are determined based on relative performance rather than time.

Regional and National Para-Swimming Competitions


There are also regional and national para-swimming competitions held specifically for swimmers with disabilities in England.

Each of the Swim England Regions runs Para-Swimming Championships that provide an opportunity for swimmers with a physical, visual, learning or hearing impairment.

Regional and national para-swimming competitions will include MC races, although hearing impaired swimmers (S15) will be awarded separate medals and are not included in the MC points rankings.

British Swimming and the English Federation of Disability Sport also offer national competitions open to swimmers with a current national or international physical, visual or intellectual (S1-14) classification.

Further Information - Disability Sports Events information - Cerebal Palsy information - Disability information via British Swimming  - Special Olympics Information  - Mencap Sport 

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