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Squads - Development

The club welcomes a wide range of swimmers from Learn to Swim, Disabled, Age Group and Masters.  We however do things differently at the club as we know that the Long Term development of swimmers is the most important thing to consider when putting swimmers in squads.


All age group (9-21+ years) swimmers will undertake a trial and if accepted they will be placed into a squad based on their age on or before 31st August (school year). Younger swimmers can choose between 2 squads, depending on thier ability and commitment level.

For swimmers who want to achieve an elite level then the Head Coach will recommend development plan which is individual to them. This will provide the right balance of land training and swimming to achieve the best results. Swimmers in these squads need to be committed to listerning, work hard and be self motivated.


This said some swimmers are not able to commit to this much training so the club provides them with the opportunity to train at a high level without pressure to attend a minimum number of sessions. These swimmers can at any time (providing there is space) ask to move squads.

Junior Development & Junior Elite

Aged between 9-12 

Youth Elite

Aged between 12-14

Senior Elite

Aged over 15

National Performance Programme 

Aged 12+  - for more details about our programme please complete an equiry form

For more details about each squad please click the relevant box.

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